Featured commercial insurance

Commercial Insurance

Operating a business means doing everything possible to protect that business, including insuring it. With the proper commercial insurance, business owners aren’t simply complying with legal requirements, but they are protecting their enterprises from unknown risks that threaten their existence.

Commercial Auto Insurance

Commercial auto insurance provides business owners with the ability to protect their automobiles while employees transact business. Although commercial auto insurance is required by law, the amount of coverage varies. Commercial auto insurance agents at Bossa Nova Insurance can assess a business owner’s current policy to ensure they have enough coverage to protect against a loss.

Commercial Property Insurance

Whether facing a storm or damage caused by customers, property insurance may protect your business. With the appropriate amount and coverage in place, business owners don’t have to worry about using the profits from their business to finance a recovery after a loss event. Instead, their commercial property insurance may be able to help them recover.

Business Interruption Insurance

There are a lot of instances where business owners have to shut their doors due to a loss event. With business interruption insurance in place, management may not have to worry about losing business profits because their insurance may cover a qualified event.

Workers’ Compensation Insurance

Bossa Nova Insurance in California offers many different options for business owners interested in purchasing workers compensation insurance. For business owners operating a business with employees, it is possible that the law requires the business to have workers’ compensation insurance. The best way to find out is to speak with a licensed business insurance agent at Bossa Nova Insurance in California.

Commercial General Liability Insurance

One of the most comprehensive commercial insurance products, commercial general liability insurance protects businesses when they are legally responsible. From lawsuits to injuries on the property, with the right commercial general liability insurance business owners may have the coverage necessary to avoid paying hefty lawsuits.