Featured umbrella insurance

Umbrella Insurance

Both businesses and individuals in California can give their insurance portfolio a boost with umbrella insurance. Unlike auto and homeowners insurance, umbrella insurance policies aren’t meant to protect a single asset or against one specific risk. Instead they provide broad coverage that can extend limits and fill in coverage gaps.

Finding an Umbrella Insurance Policy

An umbrella insurance policy can serve two purposes. First, it can increase the limits of underlying policies. For instance, if you wanted more liability protection than your homeowners insurance afforded, you might be able to increase your liability coverage with an umbrella policy. Similarly, businesses may be able to increase their general liability limits with an umbrella insurance policy.

Second, umbrella insurance can provide coverage where your underlying policies leave gaps. For example, if your homeowners policy has a specific exclusion that you want coverage for, an umbrella policy might be able to fill in the protection void.

If you’d like to improve your personal insurance portfolio or your company’s with an umbrella policy, contact us at Bossa Nova Insurance Services. Serving California, umbrella insurance agents at our agency are licensed in the state and familiar with many different types of insurance. No matter what policies you have now, they can look at them to see what your limits are and if you have any significant gaps in coverage.

After looking over your current insurance policies, on of our independent insurance agents will help you select an umbrella policy that provides the protection you’re looking for. All of our agents are independent, so you know you’re not just getting good coverage, you’re also getting a great price. We'll shop around and compare umbrella insurance policies from all the major carriers, until we find one that gives you both great coverage and a low price. Contact us today to talk with one of our agents.